Our services

The specialized managers and operators of the Technosteel & Consulting Doo team use extremely precise and reliable machines in the production of final products, which have enabled us to respond to the most complex design and technical requirements of our clients and offer a wide range of service jobs.

List of our services

  • Metal sheets cutting with gas up to 300mm thickness, 6m long, 3m wide.

  • Metal sheets cutting with plasma up to 80mm thickness (straight and angle), 12m long, 3m wide

  • Bending of Metal sheets up to 3m wideness, 30mm thickness

  • Pipe cutting up to fi 300mm

  • Pipe bending fi 60 - 114mm

  • Profile bending

  • Bending on the press 300 tons, up to 3m

  • Drilling and Lathing

  • Certified MIG, TIG and Electrode welding

  • Project documentation issuing

We will Make Complete Solutions for all your processes!

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible project results.