Electrode Arc Regulation System

Our automation department offers a wide range of services and products. Some of the services we are providing include full industrial automation for steel industry, rapid prototyping, design and optimization of industrial processes.

Service include

  • PLC programming

  • Technical requirements

  • Control system architecture

  • SCADA & HMI development

  • Manuel’s

  • Commissioning

  • Training

  • Industry 4.0

Key product from our list is Arc-Tech package (software + hardware) for steel melting in electric arc furnaces.
Hardware consist of entire automation and supervision system with electrode regulator. 

Set of electrode control parameters to maintain a consist arc that is formed between the electrodes and the metal, at the same time it tries to balance current as much as possible, keeping constant the secondary circuit impedance constant. This system allows the high-speed synchronous acquisition of voltage and current on all phases.

The goal is to achieve better energy transfer to molten steel and uniform electrode consumption. With fine adjustment of fuzzy logic (logic for getting maximum power), the stability if arc can be controlled during the boring, the melt down and the refining period.

Logic control is leading the melting process in the most optimal way during all melting phases and prepares the data for the Heat reports. It also controls the electrical energy consumption per ton of steel scrap and the previously set value of the required energy for melting.

Melting process parameters can provide the following features:

  • Steel scrap type

  • Profiles for baskets

  • Specific energy

  • Chemical energy

  • Preparing data for report


  • Selecting scrap type and steel grade

  • Profile settings

  • Managing data for scrap weights and liquid steel weight

  • Data collection for lime, carbon, ferro-alloys and other additives

  • Circular diagrams (current vs active power and active vs reactive power)

  • Generation of heat reports

  • Registration and visualization of important times and durations as: heat/start/end baskets, power on, power off...etc.

  • Trend, trend archiving and visualization of voltage, power, power factor, electrical energy consumed, chemical energy consumed, etc.

One of the options is the control of stability and slag foaming which we can get with chemical package (burners and coke machine). 

With TechnoBox (water cooled box) and the TechnoPanel (water cooled interchangeable panel) we are able to put burners/injectors and lances better in the furnace, closer to the molten steel.

To have a better heat and injection with these positive effects:

  • Selecting scrap type and steel grade

  • Correct yield

  • Proper foamy slag formation

  • Better control of the slag basicity index

  • Correct chemical control

  • Lower electrical consumption

  • Lower refractory consumption

  • More productivity

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